Our leadership team at NeoNetpoint has an extensive history in providing comprehensive advanced technologies to help you build your network infrastructure with the performance, reliability, scalability and security required to support business-critical operations.  Through our partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers, we can ensure you get the best-available technology for your network solution requirements, as needed and at preferred pricing.  Our ability to provide both technology and implementation services helps to accelerate network deployment - saving you time, money and headaches.  

As Trusted Network Experts, we use our in-depth knowledge of networking hardware, software and interoperability to help you make the best choice and use of latest technology to maximize infrastructure investments.  We will work with you to simplify your approach and give you practical, growth-focused strategies for using technology to meet your current and future business requirements. 

Our core networking technologies include:

Routers & Switches:

•    High-performance, carrier-class
•    Core & Edge
•    Physical & Virtual

IPv6 Transition Mechanisms:

•    NAT64/DNS64
•    Dual Stack Lite
•    IPv6 Rapid Deployment (6rd)


•    Next-Generation Firewalls
•    DDoS Protection
•    Network Access Control


•    Software-Defined Networking
•    Network Functions Virtualization
•    Fabric Architectures