Rent-A-Hacker Program

NeoNetpoint recognizes that in virtually every industry, the success of an organization is linked to the reliability, availability, and security of its Network and IT Infrastructure.  Consequently, IT and Network Operations managers must identify and analyze the relevant risks facing its production environment and then put controls in place to prevent, detect, and correct for them. 
Unauthorized access due to security breaches is one such high profile risk.  Hackers from outside the network or more likely (as well as), employees or contractors with the means, motive and opportunity to bypass or defeat security defenses and make malicious changes which could have dire consequences including financial loss, disruption to IT and network operations, not to mention negative public perception.

To that end, NeoNetpoint has developed a series of comprehensive programs to provide:

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing, both internal and external to your enforcement point
  • Systems code review
  • Security Audit reviews

Fully Managed Service Provider

NeoNetpoint’s passion is to provide quality support from the initial consulting, through installation and configuration, to ongoing quality support. As a Fully Managed Service Provider, NeoNetpoint maintains the most current preemptive security policies on your systems to stay continuously ahead of today's constantly evolving threats.